The farmhouse that we operate from has not only historical but sentimental value for us.

We have chosen these photos and words because we love to share the story of our roots and our values.

  • 1708

    Barco San Pio X

    The foundations of the SAN PIO X farmhouse were created in 1708, as is inscribed on the façade of the building. The inscription also makes reference to the owner or architect of the building: Domenego Varoto dalla Volta.

  • 1950


    The farmhouse was full of life, and full of people of all ages from babies to the more elderly members of the family. Nonno Egidio recounts a simple, authentic life, moving along with the natural rhythm of nature. Through his words we can understand the values of another time: honesty, integrity, commitment, every day passion, and respect for the earth, people and animals.

  • 2012


    In 2012 we decided to bring this building back to life, and to make our dream come true. This dream was to bring back a life full of nature and to educate ourselves on a healthy way of life.

  • 2016


    We want to contribute to making this dream come true by following our programme of activities and specialising ourselves in the field of cultivation of herbs and plants-which are the basis of our products.

Our story is one that needs a future

We want to pass on these core values to future generations. Our dream is possible thanks to your contribution.