We dedicate our space to our educational initiatives, in order to live and learn in close proximity with nature.

These courses appeal to a wide range of people: children and young adults, students and families! Our farm for education was created to encourage growth and development in a natural atmosphere. From participating in educational lab,s to learning how to cultivate your own fruit, many opportunities are available to you to discover all of the demands of the farm in a stimulating and healthy environment.

The objective of this activity is to guide kids into rediscovering nature and agricultural life, whilst teaching them how important it is to know the provenance and origins of what we eat.

Come together with us to discover the magic of plants, their uses and their properties, starting with the uses that have been employed for centuries up to the current day!

‘Be like Sherlock Holmes’ is our programme dedicated to discovering biodiversity in the earth and its value. This is a unique opportunity to be in direct contact with the invertebrates which inhabit the soil, and to get to know them!