Azienda Agricola San Pio X, pleased to meet you!

The agricultural company

San Pio X is the dream to transform an agricultural company from 1708 into a place in which people can meet experience that which is vital, good to consume and good to live.

This space becomes the reference point for a clean lifestyle, a container open to all initiatives and contributions of value aimed at cultivating the wellbeing of men, women and kids of today and tomorrow.


We have decided to take care of the earth. We use modern and completely natural cultivation techniques, in order to enrich the terrain through the years, and obtain a harvest of superior quality.


All of our products are born from particularly simple methods of processing, because they remain rich in nutrients and can therefore add value to your creativity in the kitchen.

And then, simply… they are great!


All of the spaces on the property have been thought through to favour people meeting, the recuperation of the land, and to accommodate the nutrition of the body, soul and mind.