CLEAN SUBSTITUTE to the common stock cube in cooking, they are concentrates of different fresh, dehydrated vegetables. The vegetables are cultivated and collected in our garden during their period of maximum maturation, and processed within 24 hours.

Extremely versatile and GREAT for the preparation of soups, risottos or to season vegetable sauces etc…, they are the CLEAN, easy-to-use ingredient that cannot be missing from your kitchen.

DadOK is the line created for those who love food and want to bring the goodness of flavours from times past to the table.
DadOK does not contain any type of additive, preservative, sugar or other additions. It is made of ingredients matured by SUNLIGHT, a maturation obtained solely in the garden and without the use of greenhouses.

The DadOK preparations are obtained exclusively with 100% natural methods, abiding by biologico-SANO, with respect for seasons and the renewal of the earth.