We will become detectives like Sherlock Holmes, and discover the biodiversity of the land and its value. It will be an opportunity to come into direct contact with the invertebrates that live in the soil, learning to recognise them!


This educational programme begins with a visit of the outside area of the educational farm, during which the children are told about the company’s history: how it was born and what led to the choice of medicinal plants and our current projects. We will see in particular the ‘Orto Sano’ and the botanical garden, with its 45 different species of medicinal plants.

The children, equipped with a magnifying glass and / or binoculars, just like Sherlock Holmes, will be able to discover both useful and harmful insects, as well as small animals and birds that inhabit the small ecosystems within our farm. The children will be fascinated by the universe of tiny beings living right under their feet!

The laboratory allows the smaller children to recreate, with arts and crafts and simple materials, the small insects and animals that they discovered during the visit. Their creations will be hung on a tree chosen by the children as a symbol of the new bond between the children and nature, and then taken home as a souvenir of the day spent together.

For older kids, there will be the opportunity to use the Sherlock Holmes kit. With this, they will discover loads of new tracks, and in a creative but scientific way, they will reconstruct the mission of many different insects.

At the end of the visit, we will stay in our park, playing games and continuing to investigate the small world that lives in our gardens!

Course length

About 4 hours, including a break for lunch or a snack, with starting times to be arranged as required.

Recommended Age

Kindergarten/Playgroup, primary school and secondary school level-with different programs according to age.


Mainly outside, in the gardens of the San Pio X farm


Packed lunches


€ 5 per child – Minimum 25 children

For information and details 

Please call 049 8010505 or send an email to

NB: In case of bad weather we will cancel or postpone the visit without any penalty!